Three Reasons to Choose Genuine Replacement Car Parts

Car repairs are costly, and it is always tempting to try to save money wherever you can. Keeping a car running is usually one of our highest outgoings so it’s understandable that as a car owner you may cringe at the thought of shelling out slightly more for official parts, but in the long run, are you actually losing out, or putting yourself in danger?

There is more to consider when repairing your car than simply the cost. In this article we run through three of the main reasons you should go for genuine replacement parts from the manufacturer, over unofficial aftermarket parts.


VW Motor Parts, genuine VW parts dealers told us: “The quality of car parts made by the manufacturer of your car will usually be higher. As they say, you get what you pay for, and the parts made by official car manufacturers will be made to a high standard, and expected to pass testing both in a laboratory, and in car.”

Because official parts are made for the specific make and model of vehicle, rather than a generic part, you know that they will definitely fit your car and work correctly.

You will likely find that aftermarket parts do not last as long, and you could end up spending more in the long run from having to replace them more often than official parts, and they could even cause more problems as they cause stress on other parts.


You actually run the risk of compromising your safety when you buy unofficial aftermarket parts, which is possibly the biggest reason of all to avoid doing so.

The reason for this is a combination of factors. Aftermarket parts do not have to meet the same stringent safety standards that official parts do, and often the materials are cheaper and of lower quality. They also are not designed specifically for your car, and can not only cause unexpected problems, but disrupt things such as the highly sensitive calibration of your airbags.


It may be a requirement of keeping your warranty intact that you use official replacement parts. Using aftermarket parts could void your warranty, and while of course, during the warranty period most people will have their vehicle repaired by their official car dealership, those who perhaps wish to add modifications for reasons other than a repair will want to bear this in mind.

Additionally, genuine replacement parts usually come with a warranty of their own, so should something go wrong with a part that you have replaced you are covered. This is generally not the case with aftermarket parts, and so you can end up spending far more in the long run if things do go wrong again.

All in all, we wouldn’t recommend taking the extra risk of buying unofficial parts for the purpose of saving a bit of money in the short term. Check out this article from the Legal Examiner which discusses further the issues and risks surrounding the sale of aftermarket car parts.

How Buying Automotive Parts From Online Suppliers Is A Profitable Affair?

Are you looking for automotive parts for your car and truck? and confused from where to buy them. Here online shopping is the best option for you where you can choose your desired parts from the online stores.

With the advanced web technology, now it is possible to buy stuff online and auto parts are not an exception to this. Buying online auto parts and components has several advantages over buying it from traditional stores. Now you don’t need to visit from one store to another for affordable and quality assured automotive parts. Just with the help of personal computer and internet connection you can browse online automotive stores at your home and can get more choices for best automotive deals. You can not only select the best auto parts of your choice but also compare the price, after sale service, and shipping charges of different online stores at the same time. For any doubt or explanation you can also ask online query or suggestions from online stores.

Some online stores offer discounts and quality assurance with 1 year to life time warranty on new and used auto parts & accessories. You can find many with free shipping offers. There may be thousands of online stores in which you can choose any store for buying automotive parts and accessories best fit your budget and requirements. You can also search your desired auto or car parts from centralized data base of online stores, and if found your desired parts in data base then you can order it immediately.

Almost all online auto stores contain many non-factory parts and accessories along with used, rebuilt and aftermarket parts which is hard to find via traditional stores. Through online shopping you can get not only any kind of automotive parts of your choice but also at very competitive price and offers.

Where To Buy Automotive Parts

Do you need automotive parts but you do not know where to look? You are in luck because this article will lead you to the products that you are looking for. Whether you need a used car part or a brand new one, you will be able to find them easily as long as you search at the right places. Moreover, you can be sure that what you are getting is one of the best deals. So if you want to know where to buy automotive parts, here are some places that you should consider.

Your first stop should be your local car parts dealer or shop. It is best to look first in the shops near you so that you can save time and money. Moreover, you probably know the owner or at least you know the shop’s reputation if you buy in a shop near you. The owner can suggest or recommend products that are great for your car or if he does not have what you are looking for, you can always ask him. It would not be a waste of time, money, and effort if you look around first and decide to buy some other day because the shop is very near and you can always go back whenever you want.

Another place that you should definitely try is the manufacturer of your car. Manufacturers of cars usually have branches all over the world. And it would not be difficult for you to search for them. Moreover, they know your car’s automotive information and specifications because they are the ones who manufactured it. Furthermore, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality and the right type of product if you go directly to your car’s manufacturer. This is especially beneficial if you bought a brand new car.

You can also search for automotive parts online. Just type your keywords and you will be surprised that there are hundreds of websites that sell such products. When buying over the internet, it is not the lack of shops or supplies that make it difficult but the overwhelming number of websites and supplies to choose from. You have to be a keen buyer if you decide to buy over the internet. Although it is very convenient to buy online, there is also a disadvantage because you will not be able to see the product firsthand. You will just have to trust the seller about the automotive information, details of parts, and pictures that the has provided. You have to be 100% sure before you buy anything online, especially if it is something expensive.

If you have a luxury or rare car, it is more difficult for you to buy spare automotive parts. It is also best to go online where they hold auctions. International auctions have participants all over the world. This means you have a greater chance to find the spare part for your rare or luxury car. You can also go to junk yards. They usually have ‘treasures’ lying around inside their grounds. These rare cars are not in good condition if you look at them wholly, but their spare parts are still intact. You can buy the ones that you need.

Tips To Buy Automotive Parts

Choosing appropriate auto parts for your car is as important as buying the car itself. A wrong decision can lead to a more expensive product or even worst, accidents can happen when faulty auto parts are purchased. But a good decision will definitely give best results. Let us examine some essential things that a buyer or car owner should consider when purchasing automotive parts either new or slightly used.

When purchasing these products, it is strongly recommended to seek professional help prior to taking any action. Similar to what we do when we are not experts or unsure of some things that need accurate decisions, seeking help from professionals is always on the brighter side. Professionals can provide you with concrete ideas on the necessity and best alternative for an auto part you are trying to purchase. They sometimes would recommend stores that they have proven to be the best source for that car part.

Choose only genuine auto parts if necessary. With genuine auto parts, a car owner is guaranteed of the same quality as the original part fitted on the car. Parts like brakes, rocket arm, crankshaft, and other vital parts of a car should only be replaced with genuine auto parts. If possible, only purchase auto parts from car manufacturers and their recognize dealers. Replacements should be the last alternative in case finding genuine auto parts is impossible. But these days, genuine auto parts are easily found.

There are plenty of stores recognize by car makers to sell car parts. Some of these stores are starting to build their online presence by setting up websites to represent their business over the Internet. It is best to consider visiting these websites to check for their recommendations about car parts and accessories. One advantage of online stores is the number of stores offering a certain product. Since it houses thousands of sellers from around the globe or just a specific area, you are positive to finding the part you need that may not be available from stores nearest you.

Always purchase the right model fit for you car. Names of these auto parts will not change, but the models are of different types. When purchasing auto parts for replacements to old parts, it would be best when you bring the actual auto part to the store for professional technicians to check and give you the right auto part. If you do the purchase online, it is strong advised to check the model and type of the car and gather enough detail about the auto part you are trying to purchase.

After seeking professional help, it is important to consider the price. Auto parts are known to be expensive, but one can fix that. Compare prices with other dealers, but be sure not to compromise the quality of the product you are going to purchase. Buy products that are of good quality and at the best price.

How To Find The Automotive Body Parts You Need

If you have ever had to look for body parts for a vehicle you know what a pain it can be. There is such a wide array of different choices for the parts that it can really be confusing. There are aftermarket body parts that are more on the low end and then there are others that are more expensive so the prices can vary wildly. If you go with original manufacturer equipment you can expect to pay a great deal more than if you go with an aftermarket company that has similar if not equal quality. You also have the choice of going with used body parts which may come off of a junk car which will be cheaper still. Virtually any body part you need can be found from lights and grills to quarter panels and entire truck beds. So the key is to do your research and educate yourself so that you know what is available to you.

If you are a professional auto body person then I don’t have to go into the details for you of how valuable a good salvage yard can be. You can find a vehicle that may have damage to one side and the rest of the car is fine, or you may need the front clip are able to get it from a car that the rear end has been totaled on. If you own a late model car you can be sure to find just about any part you need and there will more than likely be several models of your car at a bigger salvage yard. The real defining factor of whether you are able to find quality parts at a salvage yard is probably geographical. For instance if you live up north where they use salt on the roads you may find it difficult to find parts that haven’t already began to corrode. If you live in a desert area such as New Mexico or Arizona there will be no problem finding parts at all.

Another idea for you is to buy cars with salvage titles. You can get them extremely cheap and then you have all the parts you need, once you have all you need you can part out the rest. If you have time on your hands this can be a good option and it allows you to bypass the middleman. Vehicles like these sell for only a fraction of what their real value is and as I said when you are done you can part them out or just scrap them.

Lastly you also have the aftermarket industry that specializes in automotive body parts. They have parts available for just about any car you can imagine. Many of these companies have taken the original parts and made molds that they use to create their own so there is no difference in appearance you just need to check them out and be sure that they are known for quality parts.

Find Parts For Vehicles In Your Garage

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Automotive Erp Solutions: Great Source Of Earning

ERP is one of the necessary solutions tailored to meet the demands of the challenges of the automobile industry. The demand for the automobile industry is rising up. Thus, the industry holders have to manage with the huge customer base along with the strict compliance requirements, Tier 1, 2, and 3 automotive suppliers. Mostly every second automobile industry is struggling with the stringent needs of the customer and ERP software works as an incredible supporting feature.

1. Tools supporting ISO 9001 and TS1649 standards.
2. Completely automated EDI processing
3. Warehouse management system (WMS) and the detailed labeling capabilities
4. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
5. Automatic VIN generator

Amazingly, as the research analysts says, a few successful industry is already using ERP software solutions for example it is fully approved by Honda of the North America, Inc to target the goals of the EDI requirements in multiple functional areas. The ERP software solutions help in the creating EDI templates and label creation, as well as creation of ASNs to evaluate software installation and supplier capability.

Quality Assured

The ERP solutions are deliberately equipped with the Quality Management system (QMS), which is a powerful solution that enables streamlined operations and also cut the cost of product. Right from the APQP to Gage R&R to SPC, your automotive quality requirements are fully covered so that you can move ahead with complete peace of mind.

Technology steers uniform Manufacturing

ERP software solutions provide comprehensive support for lean manufacturing initiatives with features such as:

1. Serialized label generation
2. Release control Management
3. Complete audit trails
4. Both eKanban and conventional Kanban Control support
5. Heijunka Scheduling
6. Sequence Management
7. Multidimensional sales forecasting and planning
8. Preventative/ predictive maintenance tracking

Automotive Focus

Automotive ERP software helps in a long-standing participant and upgrades with the extensive knowledge of the all automotive standards. It makes you to abreast of industry needs and drives the constant enhancement of leading-edge to perform with excellence, delivers real and show impressive results. In the present marketing scenario of the automotive industry, ERP solutions are a becoming as one of the basic necessities. With some of the eminent features, such as the supply of chain and quality management, EDI systems, Inventory forecasting, Full traceability and warranty management, financial management, lean manufacturing, electronic document management, engineering control management ERP solutions, makes your task pretty easier and lets you to enjoy the fruits ripen before its actual season.


Automotive ERP systems bring a new touch to the present automotive industry. It provides the wide array of options for their challenges. By using this software one can tackle easily with some specific requirements such as automotive components and accessories manufacturers which will enable you to survive in the global market. With the automotive ERP, your will gather experience of centralized business along with efficient management. It also helps in cutting down cost and operating time. Hence, if you are planning to move to automotive industry, then have a look in this article, it will guide you with some best concept regarding automotive ERP.

For Automotive Quality Professionals Only: How To Handle The Money Question In An Interview

Of all the issues for an automotive-quality professional to deal with in an interview, this can be the stickiest part of all. The ease or difficulty also depends quite heavily on if you are negotiating for yourself or if you have a recruiter doing it for you. In either case, what do you do when this question comes along:

So, how much money will it take to get you on board?

This is a big trap, so watch out. The trap also gets bigger the more comfortable you feel with the hiring manager. It is a trap with no winner, and here is why:

The hiring manager sitting across the table has a specific number in mind as to what they would like to pay you. This has been running through their mind as the interview progresses: It’s a complex formula consisting of your background, interview performance, their staff’s pay range and a number with which they can safely give you some raises in the near future.

Since the number has already been formulated, your answer can only bring three potential responses:

1.You came in low: You’ve just shot yourself in the foot. They will likely make you the low offer and put the remainder back in their pocket. You may also be perceived as weak or not confident in what you are worth.

2.You came in high: Now, you may never even receive an offer. They may view you as cocky or arrogant. As you verbally state the number, the hiring manager is immediately visualizing begging their boss for the extra money, and you are the one making them do this.

3.You hit the number exactly: This is what they’ll pay you, and not a cent more. Who’s to say we couldn’t have negotiated a few thousand more for you? Again, you’ve just shot yourself in the foot.

There is only one answer for the money question: I’m talking with you today focusing on the opportunity, not the money. However, I am interested [if, in fact, you are] and would consider your very strongest offer.

Don’t be afraid to tell them what you are currently earning:

1.Base salary only: Just tell them the number.

2.Base salary plus overtime: My compensation is [add the two amounts and give one figure] $xyz per year.If they ask what your base and overtime figures are each, then tell them the numbers separately.

3.Base salary plus bonus: My compensation is [add the two numbers and give one figure] $xyz per year. If they ask what your base and bonus figures are each, then tell them the numbers separately.

If you have a review coming up within the next five to six months, make sure to say, I also have my review in four months. Last year, I received a (x)% raise. I have a copy of that review with me, if you’d like to see it. Offering proof is the strongest negotiating position you can take. What you are saying here is, Hey, I got (x)% last year and earned it. We are more than halfway through this year. You really need to add this to your offer.’

It is obvious, from this point forward, how much help it is to have a professional negotiator, who does this all the time, taking care of the tough work. As contingency recruiters, the formula is simple: The more money you get; the more money we get.

Automotive Quality Solutions Your automotive quality search firm since 1991. We areAutomotive Quality Recruiters
specializing in identifying, evaluating and placing quality professionals in the Automotive Manufacturing Quality Jon Molesky,President.

Automotive Pos Best Software To Repair Your Car

Due to the general financial constraints in the growth of American economy. The owners are gradually turning towards more independent car shops for their repairs and services. They are always on the process of making the car repairing an added advantage of making things more simplistic. The automotive industry remains a bit complicated about the range of software to be used for the repairing of the damaged automobiles. The Automotive POS is one the most comprehensive software’s for the car industry. This automotive repair software is very much complicated and also at the same time more useful. There other factors to be considered in this process, apart from the catalytic converters. There are other various car specific inventories.

The other software, which is very much essential in the repairing of the vehicle, but there is software that will protect your Beverages business from losses. It is called the Beverages POS; this will help you control the losses from your brewery. They are very complicated and advanced software systems. Some of the large breweries take the support of comprehensive solutions. It will automatically monitor various points of sale. Some of the companies offer their comprehensive service in this field. There is an automatic co ordination between the sales of different beverages at various point of sale.

Whether you are a field force or a field force or a dealer network who is engaged in the business of automotives, the specialized software of Automotive POS is really comprehensive service. It helps to take the care of the complete car. There are many leading global automotive brands, who take the help of this comprehensive service. You can place your intuitive orders online. With the online facility you will be able to enjoy the flexibility of predetermining the stock quantities for the particular time periods or some type of specific promotions. The Beverages POS also works in similar ways, getting you the most comprehensive information, regarding the quantities of sale.

We all know that each and every customer is quite different from the other; in fact several car manufacturers are going for the compact services and technology. The service of Automotive POS is very much necessary to take care of the automotive world. We focus on the Beverages and the liquor industry also, giving them compact solutions in controlling their increasing incremental losses through Beverages POS. We try to ensure the exact requirements of the customer and try our best to deliver almost term end solutions. Our software or technological solutions are very much like it caters to each and almost every individual customer. The solution technology helps to increase the sale of the company to a maximum point and it decrease losses. This really makes the business to grow and prosper. The overall health of the economy benefits from this.

Automotive Tools & Equipment

Searching for parts of cars, or equipment that will appropriately assist you in a task can sometimes be quite strenuous. If you’re like many who are tired of going to a garage to be told they need this or that, which all costs the earth, and are completely unnecessary for them to purchase or use, you need a change. The change can only be performed by you, and you only. There is a simple solution which will solve all your queries and scenarios you encounter. Read on in this article to see exactly how you can find all the automotive tools and equipment which will benefit you for your needs.

All you need to do is change your approach to buying tools and how you search for them. You can learn anything in seconds these days, if you are unsure about something, you can solve your own problems in a matter of minutes right from inside your home! The internet is a great tool to use in most situations. You can learn anything you like in seconds from it, anything you are unsure on, you can just take a search through a search engine and get what you need. So with your automotive tools and equipment, take a search over the web to see what you need to do the job with, and exactly what parts to order. You can even find tutorials online showing you how to perform a task, putting you in the drivers seat.

Another great service the internet offers is comparison. You can compare millions of prices and qualities of business online, and it takes minutes! You’d have to spend money and travel to many locations without the internet to find out all the information you could get from your living room chair! If you have the time to invest in some research, you will be much happier with the outcome of your purchases and tasks completed. If you are uncertain on how to fix something, search the web for some solutions and you will come across business’ giving you tutorials on how to do the job safely. And they will also tell you the correct tools and apparatus you will need to fulfil the job at hand.

There are some outstanding automotive tools and equipment based website business’ on the internet. You can simply type in on Google, “Automotive Tools & Equipment”, and you will come across many companies which sell all the parts you need. They offer light equipment, heavy equipment and hand tools, and you can see which business offers the cheapest deals!

However with all this choice available to you, you will want to do some research on how a company performs once you have purchased with them. You can do this too online, just search for, “(your companies name) automotive tools and equipment reviews”, you should get all the information you need from that search that is needed to make an educated decision, on whether to buy with them or not. Take your time, as automotive tools and equipment are an important part of fixing your car or someone else’s.